I am a seasoned, hard-working, self-motivated and result-oriented professional that values respectful and courteous engagements with clients, colleagues and partners. I treat others as I would want to be treated and work to foster trust with others. I remain relevant to the times through a life-long curiosity and commitment to continual learning and an interest in value-based innovation. I take pride in exhibiting and demonstrating high levels of organizational skills and focus, and maintaining a professional demeanour and positive attitude at all times as I strive to provide exceptional service in the course of delivering successful outcomes for clients.


In all my engagements, I adhere to the highest standards of ethical behaviour expected in my industry and in my community. I value transparency and open, candid and direct communications. I am truthful, fair, and accurate in action and consistent and reliable in fulfilling my commitments. I am a person of my word. I genuinely and honestly represent who I am, what I do, and what I offer. Simply put, what you see is who I am.

Community Focused

I believe in the importance of being engaged genuinely and in meaningful ways in the communities where I live and work. Volunteering and supporting causes important to local people is a priority, and the insightful market knowledge I gain through various engagements provides value to clients as they look to make informed buying or selling decisions.


I believe that my success is based on putting clients first, at the core of my business. In practice, this means delivering a great experience from the moment they become aware of my brand, to the initial in-person meeting, all the way through to the post-sale/buy evaluation process.

In action, my client-centric approach begins with aligning to client expectations, listening clearly to understand and anticipate their needs and wants, remaining flexible in how I engage, and adapting and customizing my formal business processes to varied types of client targets. Building long term, genuine relationships with clients is important. I take a hands-on approach in establishing trust, engaging in a respectful manner and staying focused on delighting the client.


I believe in developing and nurturing relationships that are mutually, and genuinely engaging – rooted in an optimistic, positive, enthusiastic and youthful spirit.

My brand persona is best exemplified by my good humoured nature blended with an approachable, professional manner. I celebrate my success and the success of others. Sharing of experiences is how I look to bring people together and is reflected in how I engage with my colleagues, partners and clients.